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With some of the most impressive hard rock credits behind their name, DC4 is comprised of Rowan Robertson (guitars), Jeff Duncan (guitars/lead vox), Matt Duncan (bass, backing vox), and Shawn Duncan (drums). Past associations of individual band members include stints with Ronnie James Dio and Armored Saint, among other notable major and independent label recording artists. Their collective experience has coalesced into one of the hardest rocking bands of the 21st century: DC4. The brand new disc by DC4 is called Explode. A combustible powerhouse of modern and classic hard rock that stands on its own as definitive and uncompromised, Explode is produced by Joey Vera (Armored Saint) and marked by the melodic and lyrical prowess of guitarist/singer Jeff Duncan. Explode showcases strong songwriting rarely found in hard rock. Effusing abandon in the human condition without foregoing restraint, DC4 has created a set of cuts that knows no particular era. Explode broadens the band’s musical palette while simplifying their core sound, hitting hard when and where it counts.



Chip's recent events include performing worldwide with the band Adler's Appetite,which features former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler.He has also has been playing bass for the band Missing Persons, producing other artists, and is working on a solo ...project called "Johnnie Rotten Jr," which also features Adler. Chip also owns Chip Z'Nuff Studios. Based in Chicago's southside (Blue Island), he's a Grammy®-nominated writer, dynamic live performer, crack session musician (bass, guitar, vocals) and house producer. Recent clients at Chip Znuff Studios include Atlantic Records, Steven Adler (Guns N Roses), Twista, Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons), JY from Styx, Frontier Records, Spitfire Records, Cleopatra Records, Sony Records, Enuff Z'nuff, M & R Rush, Mindscheme, Johnnie Rotten, Jr., SOH, Brendon's Cross, Grubonya, and Danny Weatherspoon.



Hailing from North America, the hard rock band D DRIVE released its first self-titled CD in early 2005. The album received critical acclaim as well as airplay in the US, Australia, and Europe for having strong classic rock roots with a modern edge sound all its own. The groups main writers Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Criss & 24K) and Don Mancuso (The Lou Gramm Band, Black Sheep, Cheater, and Celtic Fire) decided to team up for the D DRIVE album, and recruited the expertise of Canadian monster producer Steve Major to round out the direction and production. The first D DRIVE CD did so well that it was decided to put together the band’s second release in 2007 entitled "Straight Up The Middle."
Built on the strengths of the first CD, Straight Up The Middle is a more focused and mature effort - and is right in line with infectious grooves, emotion and the good and bad realities of the world today. The band playing in support of the new release is: Phil Naro (Vocals/Guitar), Don Mancuso (Guitar/Vocals), Bobby Bond (Drums), and John Taylor (Bass/Vocals). Other musicians who appear on the CD are: Andy Knoll (Keyboards, Guitars, sequencing & samples/ Vocals), Joe Lana (Drums), Richard Gramm (Bass/Guitar), Lou Gramm (Backing Vocals), AD Zimmer & Dave Quick(Bass), and Steve Major (Guitar). The new CD is already receiving great reviews and will prove to be another memorable effort!



su·per·bug (sōō'pər-bŭg') n. 1. A strain of bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics.

2. An infectious Massachusetts based rock band resistant to all things trendy and uninspired.

After years of exploring musical possibilities with various different bands, five seasoned musicians came together in February 2009 seeking to produce a fresh, progressive, hard-rocking sound now known as SUPERBUG. Within 5 months of its birth, SUPERBUG had written, recorded, and toured in support of their debut D.I.Y. EP, The Buzzzz. The E.P. is inspired by only the greatest rock bands spanning from the days of Led Zepplin, Hendrix, and Pink Floyd to more recent greats such as Tool and System of a Down. Superbug sees a shortage of pure, uncommercialized, original rock bands these days as special opportunity to satisfy the rebellious and boundless spirit within true music fans!


THE DEAD END KIDZ(DEK) are a 5 piece band that hail from New York.
DEK was formed in the mid 1990's and have been rocking ever since. DEK has received favorable reviews in such prestigious magazine's as BILLBOARD and THE VILLAGE VOICE in the US, and other publiactions World Wide such as BURNN! in Japan.
Combining the influences of hard rocking legends like KISS, Aerosmith, Van Halen, AC/DC, Rush and Ted Nugent with lessor known, but well respected bands like UFO, Thin Lizzy, Saxon, Riot, DEK has formed a hard rocking sound that will satisfy any rock or metal fan.
THE DEAD END KIDZ were formed out of the ashes of a copy band called BASKET CASE. When 2 members of BC left for other musical ventures, founding members Scott Carlson(Guitar) and Tom Mahalko(Drums)decided to stay with vocalist John Erigo(who, by the way, is a co-founder of the legendary heavy metal fanzine from the 80's known as KICK ASS MONTHLY)and started writing songs. Shortly after that DEK had finalized their line-up with Michael LoBianco on Guitar and Kevin Edell on Bass.
Now, in the 21st Century, DEK finds themselves using the internet to gain even more fans. With tens of thousands of plays on their myspace page(over 54,000!), DEK has released their second cd titled UNFINISHED BUSINESS(which is now available on iTunes and many other legal download sites!). The cd was recorded/co-produced and mixed by MICKY JAMES who is known for his musical work with the CRISS ANGEL show. Micky was a perfect fit for the DEK sound. UNFINISHED BUSINESS is now available on many retail download sites and iTunes. So, be on the look-out for THE DEAD END KIDZ and remember our motto--if it's too loud.............TOO BAD!
Although formed in late September 2009, the members of Blackbelt Dynamite have shared a very long musical history together, dating back to 1994 with the legendary Boston Hardcore-Metal band, Feces Pieces.

Having moved on to other projects in recent years, including independent films, martial arts, and the hard-rocking punk band, Drunks Don't Lie, guitarist Steve Farmer and drummer Jeff DeBiase decided to return to their own musical origins and begin a new venture with their longtime friend and Feces Pieces bassist, Paul Caputo. So, what
happens when these three versatile, seasoned musicians join forces with dynamic vocalist B-Fam, a semi-professional
wrestling powerhouse discovered in the cellars of Southie? The end result is Blackbelt Dynamite. Prepare to be blown away in 2010.

Michael Scrima - all vocals, keyboards, drums, and composition.

Force Us To Stop - rock band version of Mike's solo project including vocals, guitar, bass, and drums where he also writes everything but gets guitarists and bassists to execute the delivery... or deliver the execution. Michael Scrima is currently a music teacher at the School of Rock in Watertown, MA at the Boston branch. His attempts at being in bands throughout the years have led him to his most recent project, FORCE US TO STOP. He realized he had to take control and stop waiting for other musicians to finally be ready to get busy, so now he hires people to help him perform the music he writes on his own. So as Trent Reznor is to Nine Inch Nails, or Ben Weinman is to Dillinger Escape Plan, Scrima is to FORCE US TO STOP.

 Kindie (kid+indie) Music rocker Ray Andersen grew up in the house that legendary songwriters, Carole King and Gerry Goffin lived in...

His Dad told the family that they'd be moving into the former home of
the legendary singer/songwriters, in West Orange, New Jersey.
It is the house where Carole King wrote most of Tapestry, and she and Gerry Goffin wrote the hit song, Pleasant Valley Sunday,
for the Monkees. Pleasant Valley Way runs right through West Orange and the song's lyrics summarize suburban life, and mentions
neighbors on mr. RAY's street. Upon an older cousin turning him onto the Beatles, and discovering from there the beauty of great songwriting,Ray was inspired at a very early age to attempt playing the piano, guitar and drums, and start crafting his own songs-without a single lesson.

In the early 80s, he was a member of the notable Asbury Park NJ,
Stone Pony house-band, Cats On A Smooth Surface. Bruce
Springsteen played with Ray and the band so much, he often
raved to the press worldwide, that they were his favorite group of
musicians to jam with when he was off tour.

In 1995, Ray and Patti Maloney, formed a pop/rock duo, Blue Van Gogh, and they released an album called Hi-Fi Junkie Sonata
and video to international acclaim. They toured throughout Germany as the opening act for matchbox twenty in April of 1998.

Later that year, 1998, Ray got a call to play guitar, keyboards & sing
backup for international rock star, Meat Loaf. Besides giving him the
thrill of performing in some of America & Europe’s greatest venues,
Ray, as part of Meat Loaf's band, did a lot of TV such as
David Letterman, Jay Leno, Top Of The Pops, TGIF, VH1's Storytellers, Hard Rock Live and many more. In October of 1999,
the #1-rated VH1 Storyteller episode of all time, Meat Loaf's, went on
the road through 2000, & Ray along with Mr. Loaf can be seen forever
preserved on the Storytellers DVD and CD.

Singing about friendship, dinosaurs and rainbows never sounded so cool before… It was such a success that parents everywhere
started begging him to record these songs for those long car rides. mr. RAY wrote and co-produced his own album entitled,
Start Dreaming! It was released in April 2001.

He then signed with Sugar Beats Entertainment (a company owned byCarole King's daughter!) to distribute his album nationwide. In
March 2003, mr. RAY (no longer Ray Andersen!) signed a
DVD/Video deal with a Philadelphia-based company, Center City Film & Video. Live footage intertwined with animation
based on his songs is featured. He's been featured in Parenting
Magazine, Family Fun & the New York Times, & many more.

The Wall Street Journal profiled him on the front of one of their
Marketplace section, with a color photo, as well.

In 2005 he was on AMC's reality-based series, Into Character, where he portrayed (as himself) a rock guitar instructor on the La Bamba
episode. mr. RAY has also appeared on QVC and sold his DVD and Start Dreaming CD. mr. RAY's second album,
Songs From The Kids' Lounge was released in October 2004. The third mr. RAY album, Family Ride was released November 2006. His 4th album will be
released in May 2009.

On December 6th 2006, the first-ever mr. RAY commercial aired on
NICKELODEON & CARTOON NETWORK in the US,selling the brand-new DVD, "Songs From The Stickered Guitar." It features 5 animated original songs...

He frequently tours London and brings his Kindie music there for weeks at a time.

In May 2008, mr. RAY signed with Universal Records UK. This is a UK and Ireland-only deal.

In 2008, he was only one of a handful of Kindie artists asked to perform at Austin City Limit's Austin Kiddie Limits.

In September 2008, mr. RAY partnered with a very hip indoor playground in Chelsea NYC called appleseeds,
by writing all the songs for their music for kids program called songs
for seeds. Classes launched in January 2009.

On March 19th 2009, mr. RAY was invited to sing at the United Nations in NYC for an event called A Season for Non-Violence.
He was backed up by 15 children singers, performing John Lennon's
'Imagine' 'Give Peace a Chance' and two originals, 'Music's A Language' and 'Make The World Safe."

mr. RAY's fourth album is titled. Welcome To The Music Room and features 16 original songs.
Combining classic rock with a modern sound
that’s perfect for kids, as well as parents to rock to, these 16 songs educate, inspire and
entertain children and their families!

mr. RAY (Ray Andersen) performs from time to time with fellow New
Jerseyans, Bruce Springsteen & Jon Bon Jovi.

He performs everywhere from festivals to parks and libraries, as well as Major league Baseball FanFest,Children Affect By AIDS foundation and many other notable locations.

December 2009 was the start of mr. RAY's TRAIN TO TO ROCK Academy...a
7-week program for young rockers culminating in a concert for the young musicians' family and friends.

mr. RAY is an adoptive parent and wrote and recorded BORN FROM OUR HEART about the adoption experience.
It was played almost daily for nearly a year on Sirius/XM's KiDSPLaCE LiVe, channel 116.

mr. RAY is of the new breed of artists under the genre name of KINDIE MUSIC (Kid + Indie)….a genre trying to
find it's way into mainstream America for kids 2-8.

mr. RAY’s songs are the backdrop for many, many TV commercials
such as Nike Golf. In January 2011, he landed a national singing spot, singing This Magic Moment for the Publisher’s Clearing House TV commercial.

Released 17 previously-released mr. RAY learning songs on one album called THE CLASSROOM COLLECTION.

The 5th mr. RAY album will be released 1st quarter 2012.




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