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  • What is Rock Band Network?

    Rock Band Network is a revolutionary change to the way bands get to deliver music to their current fans, and potential new fans. Much the same way iTunes changed digital music delivery, Rock Band Network will do the same.

    Bands, artists, record labels, and performers are able to use a set of tools to “author” their tracks, or hire a team such as Hit Play Creations to do it for them.

    Rock Band Network  launched on Xbox 360 through XBox’s Creators Club, which has been around for a number of years. We feel Rock Band Network is going to be huge, and hope you’ll get in on the ground floor along with us!

    For more information about Rock Band Network, visit Harmonix’s official page at RockBand.com/rock-band-network.

  • When is payment due?

    Once both parties come to an agreement on the price of your tracks, 50% of the total amount due is requested when your stems are delivered to us.

    The remaining 50% is due the day your track goes live in the Rock Band Network store. This means you don’t have to pay the remaining 50% of your balance until the Rock Band Store is open, and your track is available for purchase.

    Also, please remember that we work with you on YOUR budget.

  • When will our track be available for sale?

    The Rock Band store, is already open using the Rock Band II or Rock Band III disk.. Now’s your chance to get into the store when you are only competing with hundreds of other tracks, and not thousands.

    Fully authored tracks should be available within 72 hours after they’ve passed peer review through the Rock Band Network creator’s club, and passed Microsoft certification. However, there may be delays if your track does not pass peer review.

    If your track does not pass peer review, we assume full responsibility and will re-author any parts that need to be re-authored to get you past peer review. We’ll do this as many times as it takes, free of charge.

  • How long does peer review take?

    It varies. Ideally it should only take a couple of days to go through the peer review process. We do our best to ensure the track is fully QA’d before we submit it for peer review. This helps the song get through peer review faster, without requiring us to go back and change a bunch of things.

    In order to “go live” in the RBN store, a song has to get 8 positive peer reviews from the community. Once we feel that your song will pass that portion of the review process, we’ll send it off to you to submit.

  • How do you pay bands and artists?

    The two most common methods of payment to the artist are

    1. The artist owning the game outright. This means YOU recieve checks directly from the RBN and once the authoring period is through, the game is under YOUR management.

    2. Residual sharing between the artist and the authoring company, The authoring fee is lower with revenue sharing. In this case, you would recieve payments directly from us on a quarterly basis.


  • HPC's policy is ALWAYS this: We work with any bands budget to get a game created for them!

    HPC lets you choose the pricing scheme that fits your budget.

    Before deciding to enter into a financial agreement (that does NOT affect your ownership of the song and publishing rights in any way) with us, you should know a couple of things about the Rock Band Network in general. First, bands decide how much they want to charge for their songs. That price can range from $1 to $3 with the average price being $2. Of all the revenue generated from sales in the store, bands keep 30% with the remaining 70% going to Microsoft and standard agreement that every band agrees to.

    Here are our pricing options (all fees are negotiable)):

    Flat Rate

    The first is a flat rate fee option. The band keeps all of the revenue generated by the sales of their game on the RBN. In this case, 50% of the money is delivered with the stems and the other 50% is due when the game is complete and the game is ready to be submitted to the RBN.  

    Revenue Sharing

    With this option, HPC will work out a revenue sharing agreement and the bands authoring price will depend on the percentage which will always be less than what the flat rate. HPC would then share the revenue generated from sales with the band. (that percentage is negotiable).We are always willing to work with YOUR budget.


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